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Student Support

École de management INSA aims to provide all its students with the necessary tools to find success in their academic and professional careers. 

Encourage students to become proactive learners: students who dedicate a sufficient amount of time to their studies, find intrinsic motivation to learn and engage themselves personally in the classroom. 

With the goal in mind of accompanying students throughout their academic careers, École de management INSA has developed an inclusive student support system that helps students reach their full potential. 

Academic and Social Integration

Integration at École de management INSA begins as soon as a student is admitted into one of our programs. The goal of integration is to help students become a part of a community of learners that help each other grow. We encourage students to work and interact with their classmates in order to build new relationships, consequently increasing the size of their social and professional network.

Academic Career

The academic career of a student at École de management INSA is a personal journey that begins with admission to one of our programs. One of the main features of the student support system is private coaching. During one-on-one coaching sessions with our instructors, students will be able to obtain relevant feedback on their progress, receive constructive comments that will help them grow as learners, and ask for advice from an expert in their field. 


Support for students experiencing difficulty

École de management INSA recognizes that students may experience difficulty over the course of their studies and that is their right to receive the assistance necessary to help them achieve academic success. Students who receive help are responsible for their own academic outcomes. 

Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities will be provided with appropriate accommodations to facilitate learning and assist their integration into their program of study. 

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