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École de Management INSA

Like the «École de Management INSA Numérique» program, the «École de Management INSA Sustainable» project targets all aspects of training, research and life at École de Management INSA.

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Inform students of the challenges of ecological transition with the aim that they become eco-responsible agents for change.

Our objectives
  • Limit the negative impact of school operations on the environment;

  • Educate staff and students about sustainable development and support them in an accountability process; implement and monitor the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategy;

  • Finalize and deploy the sustainable mobility action plan;

  • Thinking about energy use in schools and measure its consequences;

  • Pursue actions for responsible purchasing;

  • Poursuivre les actions engagées dans la politique d’achat responsable.


A dozen projects have been submitted with topics such as responsible digital, carpooling, travel for research-professors, paper and plastic consumption, and the installation of permanent plant structures at school.

Prioritise natural light in classrooms

In 2017, École de Management INSA installed 4 new classrooms. More than 50% of the teaching hours that are given in these new premises are done under natural lighting.

Share electronic equipment 

In 2013, École de Management INSA, the Affluents school board and the Montreal school board jointly provided students with laptops. These are borrowed and returned the same day, which maximizes the sharing of equipment.

Online applications

Since 2018, all students complete the online registration form and scan the original documents for registration. In the past, each admission file consisted of an average of 5 sheets of paper. Switching to online registrations saves about 5,000 sheets of paper annually.

Notebooks and online exercises

Since 2016, thanks to the hard work of our partner the Affluents school board, all documents and homework can be completed online! In the past, each student used an average of 120 sheets of paper as part of their studies. Online studies save about 120,000 sheets of paper a year and at least 100 ink cartridges a year.

Online services

École de Management INSA teams have innovated in their work procedures and have contributed to improving the quality of services provided by telephone and e-mail. Students can get answers to their questions directly online without coming directly on-site. We serve approximately 1,000 students each year and thanks to these new services, a significant amount of unnecessary travel has been saved.

Simple daily gestures

École de Management INSA employees are using more porcelain cups and avoid using disposable cups. Employees choose the eco-friendly Nespresso Capsule. We do our best to choose accessories which use will limit negative impacts on ecology.

Recuperating IT equipment from our partners

The Affluents School Board provided us with computers and thus allowed us to set up a computer room. This is in line with our program on the environmental impact of electronic equipment and environmentally responsible purchasing.

Paperless payments

Since 2018, École de Management INSA has encouraged students to pay the registrations fee by credit or debit card rather than by cheque. In 2017, approximately 600 cheques were received. This increased to 15 in 2018, 8 in 2019, and 3 in 2020. We are proud of our students' commitment in this effort.

Responsible purchase

Our establishment is considering how to incorporate environmental and social criteria into future contracts.

Green mobility

The school is located in downtown Montreal, close to the McGILL metro (green line) or Place des arts. 60% of École de Management INSA employees take the metro, which is an environmentally friendly means of transport. We encourage our students to take the metro or electric cars.

École de Management INSA students can take advantage of the OPUS card at a reduced price (student rate). There is also an opportunity to borrow a bike with the City of Montreal’s BIXI program. Several bicycle collection points are available near our offices from summer to fall.

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