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Community and social media manager - NWY.28

Program improved in July 2022 !  

The program is offered in English.

The community and social media manager's main responsibilities are to guide and implement communication strategies for social media as well as to manage online communities according to an organization's marketing strategies.

Notre expertise

Student Profile

Taking full advantage of the up-to-date training s/he received, the graduate will be able to exercise the roles, functions, tasks and responsibilities of the profession at the performance level required to enter successfully in the labor market. S/he will successfully launch her/his career, in particular through knowledge of the labor market in general as well as complete knowledge of the specific context of community management.

Target Job Function

Working as a consultant or within the communications department of an organization, the community and social media manager develops and implements communication
strategies for social media.  S/he manages social media communities according to an organization's marketing strategies. Her/his main responsibilities are to identify the targeted audience, to manage the organization’s image, reputation or visibility, to develop a network with media players as well as social media influencers, to create different types of stories to be deployed on the platforms that are being used, to produce visual and video content for the communities, to edit of web pages, to provide customer service, to manage crisis on social media, to offer advice to other members of the organization on the use of social media, to define and apply strategies or procedures related to the implementation of a communication plan, to carry out media monitoring and examine the results. S/he writes various reports for his supervisors following the analysis of statistics (attendance, shares, comments, etc.) obtained through her/his mastery of various Web applications and from data drawn from customer relations automation software.

Financial Assistance

Quebec students whose financial resources are insufficient to pursue this study program full time can apply for financial assistance from the Ministère de l’Éducation.


4 full-time Semesters
1200 hours
38 credits

Conditions of admission

Program-specific admission conditions:

• To hold a Secondary School Diploma (SSD) or the equivalent
• To have a sufficient level of English to take part in class activities
• To pass the motivation interview
• To know how to use a browser and office tools

General admission conditions:
A person who has received instruction considered sufficient by the college and meets any of the following conditions may be admitted to a program of studies leading to an Attestation of College Studies:
(1)  the person has interrupted his or her full-time studies or pursued full-time postsecondary studies for at least 2 consecutive terms or 1 school year;
(2)  the person is covered by an agreement entered into between the college and an employer or by a government program of studies;
(3)  the person has interrupted his or her full-time studies for one term and pursued full-time postsecondary studies for one term; or
(4)  the person holds a Secondary School Vocational Diploma.
A person who has a Secondary School Diploma and meets either of the following conditions may be admitted to a program of studies leading to an Attestation of College Studies:
(1)  the program of studies enables the person to pursue technical studies in a field for which there is no program of studies leading to a Diploma of College Studies; or
(2)  the program of studies is covered by an agreement on training entered into between the Minister and a department or body of the Gouvernement du Québec.

Course List

589-G01-NS       Community Management I
589-G11-NS       Community Management II
589-G03-NS       Communication Marketing and Social Media
589-G04-NS       Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
589-G08-NS       Website Editing Using a Content Management System
589-G09-NS       Infographic Design for a Community
589-G05-NS       Photography and Photo Editing for a Community
589-G06-NS       Video Production for a Community
589-G10-NS       Artificial Intelligence for Social Media
589-G0A-NS       Integration into the Workforce
601-G01-NS       Writing for Communities and Social Media
589-G12-NS       Social Media Audit
589-G13-NS       Media Relations and Influencer Marketing
589-G14-NS       Brand Awareness Strategies
589-G15-NS       Social Media Advertising and Promotion
589-G16-NS       Customer Relationship Management Automation
589-G0P-NS       Professional Integration Project

Skills Acquired by Graduates

-To build a community
-To manage a community
-To develop and to deploy a social media marketing strategy
-To develop and implement a communication plan for social media
-To improve the SEO of a web page
-To create and to edit pictures for a community
-To create and edit videos for a community
-To create vector images for a community
-To produce typographic designs for a community
-To analyze information about working as community and social media manager
-To produce and proof-read English texts for a community and social media
-To update a web page
-To write advertising, promotion and public relations texts
-To develop a business network

Job opportunities and average salary

Job opportunities

- Community manager

- Social media manager

- Internet communications manager

- Web communications manager

- Web marketing manager

- Advertising director

- Advertising manager

- Electronic business (e-business) manager

- Fundraising campaign manager

- Marketing manager

- Media relations director

- Promotions manager

- Public relations director Sales and marketing manager

Average salary

The average wage is $30.50 an hour, Professionals in Advertising, marketing and public relations managers (CNP 10022) usually earn between $ 20.00 / hour and $ 50.48 / hour in Quebec. 

Source : Government of Canada

National Occupational Classification update: the occupation "Social Media Community Manager" was moved from the group Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations (NOC 1123) to the group Advertising, marketing and public relations managers (NOC 10022).

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