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• Foster a learning environment in which every student can receive a first-rate education.
• Contribute to the promotion and improvement of the French language.
• Establish mutually beneficial partnerships with school boards, professional training centres as well as colleges and universities.


• Provide various training programs related to office software, management, marketing and communications. 
• Develop and deliver education programs providing multi-faceted training in accordance with the rules and regulations of collegial studies. 

• Prioritise the mastery of written and spoken language as the core foundation of all professional and pedagogical practices. 
• Build an inclusive learning space while using educational tools that benefit all students and promote innovation. 
• Train top-quality graduates ready to take on the challenges of a constantly evolving job market and committed to the continued improvement of their abilities. 

Educational Philosophy

• Guide students through their academic career and supervise their growth as learners.
• Encourage students to become proactive learners: students who dedicate the necessary amount of time to their studies, find intrinsic motivation to learn and engage themselves personally in the classroom. 

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