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Thanks to this program, you will develop all the skills that will make you an outstanding salesperson.

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DEP Consulting sales - 5321

Registration is open at all times.

You will then be able to see further and consider positions with more responsibilities such as manager, sales manager, department manager ... Do not be afraid to believe in your abilities and give us the opportunity now. to help you flourish by joining our program.


448-422 Position yourself in relation to the profession and the training process

448-436 Establish professional sales consulting relationships

448-443 Interpret customer behavior

448-452 Provide customer service

448-468 Sell products and services

448-473 Carry out sales-related transactions

448-481 Organize your working time

448-492 Use means of job search

448-504 Begin practicing the trade

448-512 Position yourself with regard to the laws and regulations inherent in the exercise of the profession

448-522 Provide after-sales service

448-534 Carry out sales-related activities in a second language

448-543 Keep your knowledge of products and services up to date

448-554 Carry out procurement activities

448-563 Perform activities related to visual presentation

448-573 Make connections between marketing strategies and the sale of products and services

448-588 Integrating into the workplace


Jan 20, 2020 : Sold out!
February 12, 2020 : Sold out!

September 14, 2020 : Sold out!

October 19, 2020 : Sold out!
November 02, 2020 : Sold out!

December 01, 2020 : Sold out!

February 22, 2021 : Monday and Tuesday - (Places available: 11)

Financial aid

Students enrolled in the Conseil vente program with one of our partners (CSSDA / RSB) can benefit from the Ministry's loans and bursaries program.


DEP * 900 HOURS - Duration: 9 months

(DEP: vocational studies diploma)

For more information on this program or to register,

please contact us at 514-699-0688 / 514-699-0689


Online registration: Click here

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