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Build your future and achieve professional and personal fulfillment by becoming your own boss!

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Starting a Business - 5361

Registration open at all times.

By taking the Starting a Business program beforehand, this course will allow you to acquire new skills in the field of management in addition to the knowledge acquired in your previous program.


1) Entrepreneurial Profile
2) Business Plan
3) Technological Tools
4) Market Study
5) Marketing Products or Services
6) Resource Planning
7) Starting and Managing a Busienss

The Starting a Business program - NEW VERSION - business management aims to improve key points of your business, in particular the development of the company's resources to achieve its various objectives set in advance, whether on budget management, sales, production, or any other aspect.   

Financial Assistance

Students enrolled in the New VERSION- of the Starting a Business program with one of our partners (CSSDA / CSSDM) can benefit from the Ministry's loans and bursaries program.

Offered by CSSDA and CSSDM

For more information on this program or to register,

please contact us at 514-699-0688 / 514-699-0689

Online registration: Click here

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