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- LCE.0F

This program is offered in English.

A key collaborator within a department, alongside senior executives or business managers, the executive assistant plays a vital role in supporting the administrative and organizational aspects of their department.


Student Profile

The Executive Assistant course equips students to take on a vital role within any company or organization. Students are trained to ensure the smooth operation of office systems and to foster a harmonious working environment. To succeed as an executive assistant, it is crucial to possess a strong sense of responsibility, master key technical skills, and develop robust management capabilities.

Target Job Function

Occupying a pivotal role within a company or organization, the executive assistant actively supports management and engages in problem-solving. They play a crucial part in overseeing staff, particularly office personnel under their charge. Additionally, they are skilled in the production and management of documents, demonstrating expertise in this essential area.

Financial Assistance

Students in Quebec who wish to pursue full-time studies may apply for the Student Loans program offered by the Ministry of Education.


Three full-time terms, including a 285-hour accredited internship.

- Training options available online or in-class.

- Available sessions: Summer, Fall, or Winter.

Admission Requirements

  • Hold a DES (high school diploma or equivalent)*;

  • Demonstrate a proficient understanding of office technology;

  • Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of English;

  • Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of French;

  • Successfully pass the intake interview;

  • Provide a current resume.

Conditions d'admission

Course List

412-A01-NS Integration into the Labor Market
412-B01-NS Current Word Processing Tools
Creating and Operating Databases
412-B03-NS Use of Office Automation Tools and Services
412-G01-NS Hiring, Coaching and Mobilizing Staff
412-G02-NS Problem Solving
412-G03-NS Workplace Intervention 
412-G04-NS Office Work Procedures
412-G05-NS Department Work Coordination
601-B01-NS Business French
Production and Processing of Business Documents in French
604-B01-NS Business English
604-B02-NS P
roduction and Processing of Business Documents in English
412-ST1-NS Professional Integration Internship (285 hrs)

Liste des cors

Skills Acquired by Graduates

00UW To perform word processing operations
00UX  To process and represent data
00UY  To communicate using spoken English 
00UZ  To produce English texts and perform English linguistic revision
00V0 To produce French texts and perform French linguistic revision
00V3 To use tools and services relating to office work
00V5 To interact in various work situations
00V6 To successfully enter the labour market and build a career
00V7 To analyze the profession (of coordinating office work) 
00V9 To create and operate a database
00VA To produce documents
00VC To solve problems
00VD To adapt working approaches to the particular features of the
work environment

00VF To design and adapt office working procedures
00VH To organize and supervise work within the office unit

Job opportunities and average salary

Job opportunities
- Executive Assistant
- Executive secretary

- Administrative Officer

Average salary

The average wage is $27 an hour, and people who work as an executive assistant in Quebec usually earn between $ 20.00 / hour and $ 40.99 / hour. The salaries provided apply to all Executive Assistants (CNP 1222).

Source 1: Government of Canada
Source 2: Emploi Quebec https: // http: //

Emploi et salaire

Potential Employers

• Federal government
• Provincial governments
• Educational institutions
• Cities
• Financial institutions
• Retail businesses
• Insurance companies
• Manufacturing industries

• Engineering firms
• Utility companies

Source: Government of Canada

Emploi Quebec

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