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International students

Do you also want to study at the Ecole de Management INSA - School of Management?


Follow the next steps to make your study project a reality.

Étudiants qui étudient à l'extérieur

Ecole de Management INSA students come from a vast range of nations, cultures, and walks of life. With 40 percent of our students coming from outside Canada, and over 60 countries represented in our student body, Ecole de Management INSA is the country’s most international school.

Ecole de Management INSA is proud of its long tradition of welcoming talented students from inside and outside Quebec. We look forward to further broadening the diversity of our student body to include more Indian students, francophone and students of lessor financial means.

Some more good news: If you’re interested in working while you’re here, you can apply for a work permit after graduation. This is a great way to support your studies while gaining valuable work experience.

Before your studies

1- Apply for admission

To make it easier for you, Ecole de Management INSA has published on its website all information related to the program. Registration is also done online via the Omnivox platform.

​After reviewing your file and interview, Ecole de Management INSA will send you an official letter of admission.

2- Quebec Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ)

Upon receiving your letter of admission, you must apply for the CAQ and a a Study Permit. You will need the CAQ to get your Canadian student visa. We recommend that you start the CAQ process as soon as possible. You can apply for the CAQ through this website: Click here

3- Study Permit

Upon receiving your CAQ, you must apply for a study permit from Canadian authorities (embassy, consulate or high commission) depending on your country of residence. Consult the list of Canadian Visa Offices (VACs) here: Click here

During and after your studies

1- International Student Insurance

Every international student must have a valid health insurance.

  • Contact information for insurance plans

  • If you are eligible to join the Quebec Health Insurance Plan (RAMQ)

2- To extend your CAQ and your stay in Canada

If you need to extend your CAQ, Click here

Starting January 26, 2021, candidates for the Foreign Student Program must submit an application for temporary selection for studies and make the payment of the required fees via the online application for temporary selection for studies and submit their documents required as proof electronically in Arrima

3-Work as an intern or co-op student

After obtaining your CAQ, you must apply for a study permit from Canadian authorities (embassy, consulate or high commission) depending on your country of residence. You need to indicate that you will follow an internship as a co-op student depending on your program. Click here

4- Work during your studies

If you're attending a designated educational institution, you can work part-time during the session and full-time during the summer as an international student.Click here

5-Working in Canada after graduation (PGWP)

For more information. Click here

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