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Self-learning, continuous intakes and flexible exit dates!

Réunion de bureau

DVS-Secretarial Studies

Registration open at all times.
Intakes every two weeks.

The Secretarial Studies program allows you to learn to perform and perform administrative tasks by yourself to support managers and professionals. Thanks to this training, you will work at the core of where the action takes place.


960-501 Determine their suitability for the occupation and the training process

960-515 Proofread the spelling and grammar of English texts

960-526 Perform word processing tasks

960-534 Ensure the quality of written English

960-544 Provide customer service

960-554 Perform document management

960-562 Produce spreadsheets

960-572 Design presentations

960-584 Write business texts in English

960-596 Carry out accounting operations

960-605 Produce business correspondence

960-613 Create databases

960-623 Handle cash

960-635 Translate texts

960-644 Produce tables and charts

960-656 Prepare the visual design of documents

960-666 Write and format business texts in French

960-672 Update information published on digital media

960-683 Interact in French in a business setting

960-695 Follow up on business correspondence

960-704 Carry out activities related to the organization of meetings and events

960-714 Produce reports

960-722 Provide technical support

960-733 Coordinate multiple tasks

960-746 Enter the workforce

Financial aid

Students enrolled in the Secretarial Studies program with one of our partners (CSSDA / RSB) can benefit from the Ministry's loans and bursaries program.


(DVS: Diploma of Vocational Studiesa)

For more information on this program or to register,

please contact us at 514-699-0688 / 514-699-0689


Online registration: Click here

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